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Sensible Majority works closely with our readers to identify content that may be divisive, harmful, or not condusive to our community. Vote “Sensible” or “Not Sensible” at the end of each post.

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Vaccines, Red Lights and The Common Good

Due to the recent prevalence of anti-vaccine sentiment the vaccination rate in Florida has dipped to 90% and an outbreak has occurred.

It’s The Economy Stupid; Or are the Economists Stupid?

They say a broken clock is right twice a day and after a year can boast of a long string of successes. Sooner or later the economic pundits are going to be right.


A couple of facts before we dig in. There are three numbers when we look at government deficits. There is the annual deficit. The amount […]

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John Jay: A Word from our Founders

John Jay has historically been relegated to the second tier of the Founding Fathers. Yet he was instrumental in getting New York to ratify the […]

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