The Sensible Majority will focus on ideas:


Of a statement or course of action chosen in accordance with wisdom or
prudence; likely to be of benefit to those concerned.


The greater number.


In June of 1783 the War of Independence had been decided. Cornwallis had surrendered at
Yorktown and George Washington found himself at the head of the Continental Army that had
served its purpose. For the very first time in recorded history a colonial province of a European
Power had thrown of the bonds of their colonial task masters.

Washington was acutely aware that in the aftermath of this struggle the colonies would have to
form a government that would justify the sacrifice of the last seven years of war. There was no
historical precedent and there was no time to lose. On June 8 of 1783 he wrote a Circular Letter
and Addressed it to the Governors of All the States. Delivered by June 21 st of 1783 it was an
attempt to use his prestige to impress on the governors of every state what must be done to
justify the sacrifice of the last seven years.It concludes with four principles that still resonate in todays fractured political landscape.

“The following is the list of four things which I humbly conceive are essential to the well-being, I
may even venture to say to the existence, of the United States as an independent Power.”

1. An indissoluble Union of the States under one federal Head.
2. A sacred regard to public Justice.
3. The adoption of a proper Peace Establishment.
4. The prevalence of that pacific and friendly disposition among the
people of the United.
States, which will induce them to forget their local prejudices and policies, to make those mutualconcessions which are requisite to the general prosperity, and, in some instances, to sacrifice their individual advantages to the interest of the community.